World Building Challenge – Day 4

World Building Challenge – Day 4
7th May 2020 No Comments Design,World Building greyface

After climate and mood naturally comes cataclysm. Some ideas we’re playing with for this include-

  • Tectonic shifts in various parts of the world revealing rare mineral deposits; seen as the Gods providing a blessing whilst taking the potential loss of life as payment.
  • Loss of ancient cities by flood, fire, or mudslides; seen as the Gods taking vengeance for some transgression.
  • Undersea volcanic activity creating new islands alongside rising sea levels absorbing some smaller land masses; seen as the gods repainting the canvas of the world for their sport.
  • Formation of twin moons after a large meteor split the previous moon in half; seen as an origin story with the Sun and Moon gods having no children until the cataclysm which bore the twin goddesses resulting in the death of the god mother.
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