What’s in a World?

What’s in a World?
3rd May 2020 No Comments Design,World Building greyface

Following a number of recent training courses, books, and articles we’re going back to the drawing board on a lot of the world building ideas to date.

A lot of time has been spent over the last 2 years developing the lore of Discordian Tales and the world of Modieva, not to mention the proto inspiration for much of it that lay dorment for a couple of decades, but the time has come to pull back from the spreadsheets, documents, notes, and sketches and take a fresh look at the beast.

To help make that as much of a success as possible we’re looking at different tools for world building, whittling down the contenders to World Anvil and Kanka after evaluating and discounting all the rest of the rest.

Whilst World Anvil has the greatest range of features and the most in depth taxonomies, it also hides the best aspects behind a paywall and requires all free tier creations to be public.

Kanka on the other hand has all features available on the free tier with a few cosmetic and community engagement options behind a much lower paywall. A few novel features such as the custom calendar and random character generator were the icing on the cake.

As such, the world of Discordian Tales is now being developed and expanded through Kanka, and the cosmetic touches of the paid tiers are a really nice touch.

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