Your Night Mayor

City building simulation with RPG elements and a heavy focus on story telling as a mechanic to resolve conflict rather than resource gathering or building placement

True ROMantiques

A nostalgic gamer longing to play the games of their childhood ends up on a quest to collect and preserve every system and game ever made; for themselves, for history, and for the world!

The Nameless

In a world where names carry great power, people go to great lengths to keep their names a secret. Society has devolved to a state of permanent fear where no one trusts anyone with their true name, and the shadows are awash with criminals desperate to find and trade the names of others. The player


Open world Pirate-themed puzzle adventure game where you follow clues at outposts and islands to find treasure, fight bosses for more treasure, encounter traps that generate bosses with high risk/reward, discover cursed items that help/hinder you, hire crew by recovering items to gain their trust, and complete timed challenges with high risk/reward


Block matching memory game for casual gamers where they can match demands/desires to complimentary supply/outcomes by selecting corresponding cards/tiles.

House of Walking Dreams

A hidden object mystery game where you explore the labyrinth of your mind, meeting fragments of thoughts along the way as you try to determine whether they are memories or fantasies, and what really happened to you


Orphaned at birth, Perdita Mus- a reluctant hero in the making- must adventure across the lands of Modieva in search of her Hamstery; her family home, and maybe even her family.

Builder of Worlds

You are not the hero of this tale. You are not the chosen one. You are the World Builder. The heroes have assembled, now you must create their world, you must set their challenges, you must chart the course of their destiny. You must make them great.