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Category: Design

World Building Challenge – Day 5
8th May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

One of the most challenging and yet rewarding part of building a world is creating the map. This is something that will evolve and change as the world is further developed, but having a basic idea of layout and scale really helps bring it all to life. After evaluating many different mapping and design tools;

World Building Challenge – Day 4
7th May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

After climate and mood naturally comes cataclysm. Some ideas we’re playing with for this include- Tectonic shifts in various parts of the world revealing rare mineral deposits; seen as the Gods providing a blessing whilst taking the potential loss of life as payment. Loss of ancient cities by flood, fire, or mudslides; seen as the

World Building Challenge – Day 3
6th May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

Calling back to Day 1 now with a section on “mood” and how the climate will affect this in each region. Some thoughts on this- The Polar/desert regions; hardship, isolation, resourcefulness The Temperate regions; wealth, politics, industry The Tropical regions; balance, community, creativity The Mediterranean regions; comfort, family, inventiveness

World Building Challenge – Day 2
5th May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

Another day another update; moving on now from climate to “The Physical Planet”, specifically the types of weather and the effects this might have on the world- • Endless thunder disrupts the peace of a sleepy town  • Frequent lightning strikes charge the atmosphere in a given area  • A mud flat forms and begins

World Building Challenge – Day 1
4th May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

Continuing the drive to better develop the world of Modieva and her people we’re going back to basics with the 30 Day World Building Challenge. Today’s focus? Climate and Variety. • Polar- long, usually very cold winters, and short summers.  Lots of time to read.     • Temperate- four distinct seasons. Boring but comfortable. •

What’s in a World?
3rd May 2020 Design,World Building greyface

Following a number of recent training courses, books, and articles we’re going back to the drawing board on a lot of the world building ideas to date. A lot of time has been spent over the last 2 years developing the lore of Discordian Tales and the world of Modieva, not to mention the proto

Plan, Plan, and Plan Again…
2nd May 2020 Design,Project Management,World Building greyface

With a little time to kill we’re currently in the process of setting out plans for the various games due over the next few years. We’re big fans of to do lists but with so many projects on the go we’ve been evaluating tools, specifically with a focus on kanbans for sprint management. Trello and