• Worlds of Wonder...
    We both play and create games in a variety of settings; but our favourites are the worlds we build (and continue to develop) ourselves.
  • Turning Pages...
    Our games start the old fashioned way; in paper and ink. We find that ideas flow better when you can actually touch and physically manipulate or interact with them.
  • Walk a Mile In My Shoes...
    From the micro to the macro, we want our worlds to feel alive. People, places, and professions are as important to the story as battles, quests, and puzzles.
  • More Than Just Words...
    World Building is great, but stories are what make us human; and a good story stays with us forever. The secret to a great story lies in the planning.

Who We Are

Greyface Games is an Indie studio based in the UK creating games and related works primarily in our own universe; Discordian Tales.

Our games are set in a diverse, exciting, and expansive modern/medieval world of engaging humanoid and anthropomorphic characters with rich backstories and personalities in immersive locations and settings.

We create stories with detailed lore and a heavy focus on accessibility, equality, and a firm belief in seeing beyond traditional and often negative clichés and tropes.

The real world is nuanced, and it is generally only our point of view that defines what we consider ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, or ‘normal’.

We want our games to address that, and create a more balanced and fair real world through the stories in our fantasy world.

The world we’ve created features custom economy, government, religion and calendar systems with a focus on intuitive and fully interactive environments to allow for different player styles, experiences, and replay value.


What we make

What we think

  • The Ocean Swells
    12th June 2022 / No Comments / Design,Development,Projects A few weeks into development of the new game and it feels like things are really moving. We have characters, a story, a setting, and a world- so now the real work begins. Pulling that all together into something you can actually play! Watch this space...
  • New Year, New View
    29th December 2021 / No Comments / Uncategorised

    With 2021 quickly fading away & 2022 just on the horizon, we're taking stock on all we've learned & achieved, or tried to, this year & planning for the year ahead. What are you planning to do with the next year?

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What else we do


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