• Worlds of Wonder...
    We both play and create games in a variety of settings; but our favourites are the worlds we build (and continue to develop) ourselves.
  • Turning Pages...
    Our games start the old fashioned way; in paper and ink. We find that ideas flow better when you can actually touch and physically manipulate or interact with them.
  • Walk a Mile In My Shoes...
    From the micro to the macro, we want our worlds to feel alive. People, places, and professions are as important to the story as battles, quests, and puzzles.
  • More Than Just Words...
    World Building is great, but stories are what make us human; and a good story stays with us forever. The secret to a great story lies in the planning.

Who We Are

Greyface Games are a small Indie studio based in the UK creating games and related works primarily in our own universe; Discordian Tales.

What we make

What we think

  • World Building Challenge – Day 5
    8th May 2020 / No Comments / Design,World Building One of the most challenging and yet rewarding part of building a world is creating the map. This is something that will evolve and change as the world is further developed, but having a basic idea of layout and scale really helps bring it all to life. After evaluating many different mapping and design tools;

  • World Building Challenge – Day 4
    7th May 2020 / No Comments / Design,World Building After climate and mood naturally comes cataclysm. Some ideas we're playing with for this include- Tectonic shifts in various parts of the world revealing rare mineral deposits; seen as the Gods providing a blessing whilst taking the potential loss of life as payment. Loss of ancient cities by flood, fire, or mudslides; seen as the

  • World Building Challenge – Day 3
    6th May 2020 / No Comments / Design,World Building Calling back to Day 1 now with a section on "mood" and how the climate will affect this in each region. Some thoughts on this- The Polar/desert regions; hardship, isolation, resourcefulness The Temperate regions; wealth, politics, industry The Tropical regions; balance, community, creativity The Mediterranean regions; comfort, family, inventiveness
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What else we do


Looking for inspiration, ideas, or just a brainstorming session? Reach out to our Game Masters and we'll see what wonders we can create together. Read More


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